Claim your avatar and digital creations

Dibs for Avatars

Be the first to register and claim your digital creations. Dibs is a new way to timestamp the creation time of your digital creations, whether it's an avatar, a digital painting, or a 3D model. You could even claim a Minecraft seed.

For example, export your avatar into a text format, then paste into the box below. We will calculate the fingerprint of the file and then give you a chance to publicly register your file's sha256 hash on the blockchain.


A single byte of difference will change the fingerprint. As such we recommend that you save your digital creation in a file of their own and then fingerprint the file. This will ensure that the fingerprint is consistent and will not change if you make a small change to the file. We recommend that you archive your file once fingerprinted so that it doesn't accidentally change in the future.

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